Why Become A Merchant?

What do you get?

  • Increased turnover for your businesses – we offer home improvement loans  to approved customers
  • Simple application process  through our Online Credit Application System ( ORCA)
  • Quick disbursements to merchants’ bank accounts
  • We provide point of sale material for in-store branding
  • Training and support for your staff
  • Continued teamwork – communication in  solving problems and growing your business
  • Specialists in home improvement financing options for your approved customers.

Contact us today on enquiries@rphf.co.za

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I have final approval for a loan application?


    Once the loan application is approved, an automated response is sent through to the merchants. Should you not receive a final approval, please call 0800 212 019

  • Why is the customer’s application stuck in vetting?


    An application could be stuck in vetting because we have not received the supporting documentation for us to process the application or because the submitted documentation is not clear.

  • I forgot my ORCA password, what do I do?


    Merchant must phone Real Care at 0800 21 20 19

  • What is the client’s outstanding balance?


    The client should call the Call Centre 086110 1724

  • How do you cancel an application?


    Fill out the cancellation request form, send the form with the deposit slip (if applicable) to cancellations@rpmf.co.za or fax to 086 622 6057

  • How long does it take to approve an application?


    You receive a sms as soon as the loan application is submitted. Thereafter the application goes through to vetting, which can take about 30 minutes, if there are no problems with the vetting checks. We aim to provide feedback on the same day on condition all required documents are provided.

    Why did the application fail affordability?
    There are many reasons including the following:
    •    Failure to capture information correctly
    •    Capturing a non debitable account
    •    Incorrect amounts
    •    Customer cannot afford the loan etc.

    If there are queries with merchants regarding disbursements, who do I contact?
    Merchant must phone Real Care at 0800 21 20 19.